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Congratulations!  You are about to cut the cord!  

Now for only $29.95 a month you will get so much more than you ever thought possible.  Did you know that each Vontronix TV account works for 2 devices.  A device is any Amazon Fire TV, Android TV Box, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Iphone and, Ipad.

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If you have a compatable device download our free APP, get a username and password and start enjoying the Vontronix TV Service throughout your home.

How does it work and what channels do I get?

We sell an Android Set Top Box that comes programmed and ready to just plug and play- BUY HERE

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So lets get started.                         
Do you have enough Speed?

Vontronix TV is a Streaming TV Service.  Meaning, it comes into your home via the Internet.  Speed is critical to having the best TV picture possible. 

We would like to see an absolute minimum download speed of 15mbps per TV that uses the Vontronix TV Service at one time.   Upload speed does not matter at all.

Every Cable provider should give you at least 25mbps as a minimum speed.

DSL Service from your telephone company is usually too slow to work properly.

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